So why are so many window cleaners ditching traditional methods for the pure water / water fed pole system? Traditional window cleaning methods require the use of detergents. When the windows are cleared of these an invisible sticky film is left behind. Dirt, dust, flies and other pollutants are  drawn to this and rather blowing away in the wind or washing away in the rain these pollutants stay stuck to the glass. This is why traditional windows cleaners come usually on an 4 weekly basis.

Using purified water has the opposite effect. In its natural un-purified state water is filled with minerals. We use reverse osmosis to remove all this and put the water in a laboratory grade state. This is actually an unnatural state. Because this water is now just H2o when it is released it acts like a sponge soaking up minerals and pollutants to get back to a more natural state. This with agitation from a brush leaves your windows looking fantastic. Also because no detergent has been used there is not that sticky residue left behind and your windows stayclean for longer! Still not convinced? Give us a try, if your not happy after the clean we will come back and clean them again for free!